Prayer for a Child with a Disorder of the Brain

          or, Prayer for a Child or Teenager with a Mental Illness

by Henry Doenlen, M.D.

Almighty father, creator of the universe,  all of nature follows your will, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy. We ask that you command the substance of our child's brain to function as it should, so there is goodness and balance in feelings and reason in thoughts.

Jesus, our Good Sheppard, we ask that you heal our child's emotions and thoughts. Protect our child from all evil,  and protect our child from those would would discourage, distract, and lead our child astray.

Holy Spirit, we ask that you give our child's doctor wisdom and inspiration, to be able to quickly find helpful treatments, and to give us counsel in how to lovingly help our child.


From the Book of Common Prayer...  

For a Sick Child

Heavenly Father, watch with us over your child N., and grant that he may be restored to that perfect health which it is yours alone to give; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

or this

Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd of the sheep, you gather the lambs in your arms and carry them in your bosom: We commend to your loving care this child N.  Relieve his pain, guard him from all danger, restore to him your gifts of gladness and strength, and raise him up to a life of service to you.  Hear us, we pray, for your dear Name's sake.  Amen.


Catholic Saints believed to help sick children:
  • St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless cases
  • St. Gerard Majella, patron saint of pregnant women and sick children
  • St. Nicholas, patron saint of children
  • St. Aloysius Gonzaga, patron saint of teenagers
  • St. Maria Goretti, another patron saint of teenagers